ITSUPRO Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Vision Technology Co., Ltd., was established on November 30, 2009, and converted into a joint stock company on September 22, 2010. The company officially changed its name to ITSUPRO on December 10, 2018. ITSUPRO is a hub for top experts in the information technology, aiming to deliver the best and most optimized value to its customers. 

ITSUPRO’s core activities revolve around two main areas: 

  1. Commerce: In the commerce sector, ITSUPRO not only provides modern technology equipment such as computers, servers, and components but also offers internet products for businesses such as domain names, hosting, email, and cloud services. We understand that in today’s competitive and rapidly changing business environment, efficiency and customer interaction are crucial factors. Therefore, we are committed to providing advanced technological solutions that enhance productivity and create excellent experiences for your business.
  1. Services: In the services sector, ITSUPRO serves as a consultant, implementer, and operator of computer network systems for businesses. With our experienced team of experts, we are a reliable partner to help you address issues related to computers, data, and network systems within your enterprise. By choosing ITSUPRO, you can minimize IT investment costs in terms of personnel and maximize your company’s work efficiency.

2 Website providing products and services: 

With ITSUPRO, we are not just a provider of information technology services. We strive to become your trusted IT department, accompanying your business from inception to strong development. We understand that every business has its own requirements and goals, so we customize and provide tailored solutions to deliver the best value for your enterprise. 



As a reliable technology partner, our vision is to accompany businesses in building and developing a comprehensive IT ecosystem. We aim to provide optimal technological solutions that enhance performance and create sustainable value for our customers. 



To become a trusted partner, providing comprehensive IT solutions and high-quality services. We are committed to accompanying businesses from startup to strong growth, helping them minimize risks, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable success.