Introduction to Data Big Analysis Tool for Network Security (BDTools)

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BDTools, formally called Big Data Analyzer Tools, is a computer program that was developed for the purpose of identifying information from raw data gathered from all domains. BDTools supports many different standard data mining tasks such as data preprocessing, classification, clustering, regression, visualization and feature selection. The basic premise of the application is to utilize a computer application that can be trained to perform machine learning capabilities and derive useful information in the form of trends and patterns. BDTools is an application that is compatible with almost every computing platform. It is user friendly with a graphical interface that allows for quick set up and operation. BDTools operates on the predication that the user data is available as a flat file or relation, this means that each data object is described by a fixed number of attributes that usually are of a specific type, normal alpha-numeric or numeric values. The BDTools application allows novice users a tool to identify hidden information from database and file systems with simple to use options and visual interfaces. Especially this tool is specialized for analyzing network security data.


  • Work with large datasets and different data types.
  • Processing features: cleaning, noise reduction, data transformation, dimensional reduction,…
  • Combining different data sources.
  • Present basic data statistical parameters.
  • Finding and analyzing association rules in data.
  • Predictable models for string type data.
  • Clustered models for unlabeled data.
  • Binary and multi-class classification models
  • Learning model of disease-causing genomes from gene expression data and methylation data.
  • Learning models for reconstructing biological networks from observational data
  • Compatible with user-defined model in data mining and machine learning.
  • Support for network security analysis:
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